Some questions about services offered by Peters Body Shop such as: Estimates, insurance claims and settlements, direct repair, towing, rental car arrangements, warranty, and car owners rights.
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Peters Body Shop Limited Warranty

We have confidence in our work and back it up with a limited warranty for as long as you own your
car. The conditions of the warranty are as follows:

All warranty coverage is for labor only. Rust repairs are excluded.

Metalwork: A lifetime warranty is provided for all metalwork, to include welding and the application
of materials utilized in making collision repairs against cracking, flaking, pitting or deterioration.
We will repair and repaint any metalwork warranted.

Painting, Stripes and Decals: A two year warranty is provided for all work related involving priming
and painting against solvent blistering, peeling, hazing, and excessive loss of pigmentation, and a
one year warranty on the application and adhesion of decorative stripes and decals, excluding those
defects which are caused by extreme environmental conditions to which the vehicle may be exposed.
We will re-prime, repaint, re-stripe or re-decal the specific section or sections of the vehicle

Mechanical Repairs: A one year warranty is provided for mechanical repairs pertaining directly to
original collision damage.

Parts: A five year warranty is provided for parts unless the manufacturer’s warranty is less or more, on new parts install by us. Our warranty does not exceed the manufacturer’s warranty.

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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Do you charge for an estimate?

A. No. There is never a charge for an estimate or consultation regarding your repair.


Q. Do I need more than one estimate?

A. No. You have the right to have your car repaired at the shop of your choice, regardless of your

     insurance carrier.


Q. What if your estimate is higher than someone else?

A. Probably, because of our years of experience, that means we were more thorough in our inspection

     of your damage. Typically, a “cheaper” estimate means a required repair was overlooked. Our

     charges for repair are in-line with every other body shop. Every insurance company will work with

     our damage estimate.


Q. Will you accept my insurance company settlement?

A. We work with every insurance company. In almost every case we will reach a repair agreement. If

     not, we will review our estimate with you and discuss options. Our repairs for the required

     restoration of your car will not cost more than other shops and invariably is accepted by every

     insurance company.


Q. Do you provide a warranty for your repairs?

A. Yes. We provide a limited lifetime warranty for as long as you own your car. We have been in

     business since 1980 and we will be here to honor our warranty.


Q. Do I need to inform my insurance company before you repair my car?

A. If the insurance company will pay for the repairs, you need to inform them before we begin repairs.

     Once a claim number is assigned, we work with the insurance company for you to reach an agreed

     repair settlement.


Q. Is a rental car available while you repair my car?

A. Yes. We can arrange to have a rental car available at our shop when you drop your car off for

     repair.  Then you can drop it off when we finish repairing your car and we will see that it gets

     returned to the rental agency.


Q. My car is not drivable. Can you tow my car to your shop?

A. Yes. Simply call us with the location of your car and we will arrange to have it towed to our



Q. What if the cost of repairs is more than my car is worth?

A. Usually, the insurance company reaches a cash settlement with you for the cost of a replacement

     vehicle.  This is usually your best option, but we will be happy to review a repair with you.


Q. What should I do if I have been in an auto collision?

A. Click here for detailed instructions.